Saturday, July 12, 2014

TGT: Rolling Up and Out

This may be the only time I ever posted three trades in a row where I was doing the same kind of adjustment on the positions.  On Thursday, I took advantage of the market hiccup to roll my TGT position out a month and up a strike price, just as I did earlier in the week for AAPL and IP. 

I moved the TGT contract from an August weekly at a strike price of $58.50 out to the regular September contract at a strike price of $60.  The trade was nearly a breakeven on premiums, setting me back about $7 in covered call premiums given up, but I’ve assured myself of a chance to receive the August dividend, and I have added the possibility of $1.50 per share in stock gains.  Plus, the estimated annual return is almost 24% for a two month trade – double my goal of 12% annualized.

Here’s the analysis of the TGT position as of this most recent trade, net of fees and commissions, and assuming I collect dividends through the holding period.


This is a 100-share position with a basis of $5,839.99, or $58.40 per share.  I set the position up to trade weeklies, but this trade rolled it out to a monthly basis.

Total covered call premiums:  $92.23
Total dividend payments (August ex-dividend):  $52.00
Total stock gain at $60:  $142.01
Total, absolute gain on the position:  $286.24
Total, absolute return percentage ($286.24/$5,839.99):  4.90%

Annualized total return percentage (held approx 75 days):  23.85%

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