Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Unwinding MAT

Another green day in the markets yesterday, so I unwound my MAT trade a week early, rather than waiting for the shares to be called away next week at expiration.  This position was in place for a mere 35 days, and the annualized return on it was almost 26%.  

I have a couple of positions that will likely be called away this month, so it could be a good month on that account.  I haven't seen any opportunities to roll out other positions, and my cash stash is piling up, now 30% of the account value.

Details of the MAT below, net of fees and commissions, of course!


The average price per share for this 200 share position was $44.88, with a total position basis of $8,975.00
Sold on unwind 200 shares at $9,274.83
Total stock gain:  $299.83

Total options income:   -$149.01 (due to BTC transaction)


Total dividends collected:  $72.00

Net Profit:
Total Net Profit after Unwinding:  $222.82
Absolute Return on Investment: ($222.82/$8,975.00) = 2.48%
Annualized Return (35 days):  2.48%*(365/35) = 25.89%

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