Thursday, January 19, 2012

Early Assignment on CAT

Yesterday I received an email early in the morning about the early assignment of my CAT option.  The note also informed me that part of my IP position was assigned early, but I will hold off on posting about that one since I am holding part of the position with another January call. 
The early assignment on CAT (92.50 Jan 2012) was not entirely unexpected.  When I made the initial trade back on 12/29/2011 I knew the ex-dividend date was 1/18/2012, so I chose a strike price that would allow decent appreciation during that 22 day period if the shares were assigned. 
Since I bought them, the CAT shares have gone on a tear and blew past $100 per share, closing yesterday at $104.26. I gave up on some of that upside with my trade, but I can’t complain about the small bite I took and the return generated over the 22 days I held this position!
That’s the case:  my basis in the shares was $89.53, and I sold them at $92.33.  As I’ve posted recently, I have two or three other positions I expect to be assigned on this month, so I will make new investment decisions next week.  Meanwhile, here is an analysis of the CAT position (all net of commissions and fees):

12/29/2011 Bought 100 shares at $89.53 (total $8,953)
12/29/2011 Sold to open 1 CAT 92.50 Jan 2012at $1.60 (total $151.74)
1/18/2012 Assigned on 100 shares at $92.50 (net $9,232.82)

Net Profit:

1) Options Income:  $151.74
2) Dividend Income: None, assigned on ex-date
3) Capital Appreciation: $9,232.82-$8,953 = $279.82

Total Net Profit after Assignment:  $279.82 + $151.74 = $431.56
Absolute Return on Investment: ($431.56/$8,953) = 4.71%
Annualized Return (22 days):  4.71%*(365/22) = 78.14%

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