Sunday, March 8, 2015

Called Away for the Hat Trick: GM

Just checked into my Scottrade account this morning to have a look at the week ahead.  My GM position was headed for an ex-dividend date of 3/9, and was well in-the-money, so I’m faced with the good news – bad news proposition that a stock I really enjoyed owning has been called away.  I’ll get over it though…GM scored a hat trick for me since I bought it in November, earning returns on covered call premiums, dividends, and a stock gain.

The absolute return on GM was almost $1,000 on the $12,400 invested, or 10.69% over the 140 +/- days I held it.  Sure there are trades that will do better, but that’s probably as good as you could ask for in the stock market.  I’ve got to get to work to find a position or two to replace it with; I’ll post that trade as soon as it is set up.

Meanwhile, here is the final analysis of the GM trade, net of commissions and fees:


Bought 300 shares in November 2014, and added another 100 share lot in January.  The total basis was $12,397.99 with an average share price of $30.99.
The position was called away on a $32 strike price, netting $12,782.00, for a total stock gain of $384.01.

Total options income:   $520.95 – I stated with the $32 strikes in December and was rolling them out monthly.   

Total dividends collected:  $90.00

Net Profit:
Total Net Profit after Unwinding:  $994.96
Absolute Return on Investment: ($994.96/$12,397.99) = 10.69%
Annualized Return (142 days):  10.69%*(365/142) = 27.48%

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