Sunday, May 11, 2014

Rolling WIN Out and Up

I’ve been watching my WIN position for two months now.  I bought it for the handsome 12% annual dividend and could have been content to sit with that and let it roll, but since Rescue My IRA uses covered calls to enhance annual gains, this one can be a laboratory for showing what the strategy can do.

My contracts on WIN, a position I started with 1,000 shares and had 100 called away during a past ex-dividend date, were all written with an $8 strike.  The position rolled on up to $9, so I decided to work on a roll-up strategy.  Unfortunately, it is a low-volatility stock and the premiums made this a challenge, so when I finally pulled the trigger on the adjustment trade I had to go to back months, rolling up to the $9 strike and a November contract.

The transaction required my to trade my call premiums to offset the increased stock gains, but it also means I will likely collect two more quarterly dividend payments along with the gain on the position.  The calculations show an estimated annualized gain of nearly 16% when all is said and done, assuming that the stock is called away in November and I collect the dividends until then.

Here’s the analysis of the WIN position, net of fees and commissions. 


This started out as a 1,000-share position with a basis of $8,117.00, or $8.12 per share.  I started selling the $8 strike and rolled-up to a $9 strike with the recent transaction.  One 100-share lot was called away previously at $8.00.  

Total covered call premiums:  -$392.01
Total dividend payments through November:  $525.00
Total stock gain at $9:  $757.00
Total, absolute gain on the position:  $889.99
Total, absolute return percentage ($889.99/$8,117.00):  10.96%

Annualized total return percentage (held approx 255 days):  15.69%

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