Monday, May 20, 2013

May Expiration Results - 4 Calls Assigned

Expiration Friday came and went, and as expected, I had four positions assigned. The four are listed below, including the absolute return percentage and the length of the holding:
  • CSX, 20.15%, 510 days
  • DOW, 13.75%, 330 days
  • F, 2.98%, 30 days
  • GLW, 16.96%, 510 days

Since I posted recently about CSX, F, and GLW at the following links, the only result I plan to update today is DOW.

I’m looking at getting about $35K back into the market now.  At the beginning of the month, I thought I might follow that old rule of selling in May and going away – my portfolio has positions that expire in June and July, and then there are two per month in August, September, and October – all set up for that conservative philosophy. 

But I’ve come back around to the thought that the market might have the strength to continue testing new highs, and it may even continue this year’s growth trend throughout the summer.  So I need to find some solid, diverse, new positions to hold me over.  That hard work will begin immediately.

In the meantime, here is the analysis of the DOW position, the only one of the four assigned stocks I haven’t posted on recently.

300 shares, basis $9,554.53, per share average $31.85, assigned at $32.00
Option Premiums:  $934.67
Dividends Collected:  $352.00
Stock Gain:  $27.57
Total:  $1,314.14
Absolute return 13.75%
Annualized return (330 days) 15.21%

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