Monday, September 17, 2012

Called Early on VIAB

The month of September has been intensive on the dividend front – I posted earlier about the eight positions that would go ex-dividend, VIAB being one of them.  When that stock’s ex-dividend date hit last week, it was in the money, and it was called.  I held it for 60 days or so and picked up an option premium and a stock gain, for an absolute return of 4.49%. 

So, no hat trick on VIAB, but here is the record on this position, as usual, net of fees and commissions:


7/23/2012 Bought 100 shares at an average price of $45.79, total position basis $4.579.00
Sold on assignment 100 shares at $4,682.89, average share price $46.83
Total stock gain:  $103.89

7/23/2012 STO 47 Sep 2012 total $101.74
Total options income:  $101.74

No dividends collected during the 50 days this position was held.

Net Profit:
1) Stock gains:  $103.89
2) Options income:  $101.74
3) Dividend Income: $0

Total Net Profit after Assignment:  $205.63
Absolute Return on Investment: $205.63/
$4.579.00) = 4.49%
Annualized Return (50 days):  4.49%*(365/50) = 32.78%
I do like to be called early on my shares.

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