Tuesday, July 24, 2012

As Expected: NOC and MAS Called Away

As expected, my positions in NOC and MAS were called away on Saturday after the July options expired in-the-money.  I shared my analysis of those positions last week, but will repeat it below.

NOC – 200 Shares, basis $59.93, 60 Jul 2012 to be assigned
Option Premiums (total):  $589.71
Dividends Collected:  $210.00
Stock Loss:  -$3.36
Total:  $796.35
Absolute return 6.64%
Annualized return (150 days) 20.21%

MAS – 200 Shares, basis $12.24, $12 July 2012 to be assigned
Option Premiums:  $130.49
Dividends Collected:  $15.00
Stock Gain:  -$65.00
Total:  $80.49
Absolute return 3.29%
Annualized return (20 days) 60.03%

I have to admit that it is a pleasant change to have a couple of trades work out with the shares being called away.  In this market, it has been a few months since that happened.

I’m working on reinvesting the proceeds from these new trades and will have a post about that before the end of the week.  Catch you later!

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