Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Adjusting IP: Rolling out and Rolling down

I decided to buy back the 29 Dec 2011 calls I had on my IP position.  I saw the transaction as an opportunity to get back into a credit position on my call premiums, which I was able to do by selling the 27 Jan 2012 - my basis on the shares is $25.32.

I collected $339 for the new call contract.  If called at $37 in January, the total returns onmy 200 share position will be as follows:

Option premiums:  $152.45
Dividends:  $52.50
Stock gain:  $317.45
Total return:  $552.47

The price basis on this position is $5,064, so we have an absolute return of 10.32% and an annualized return of almost 36%.  Will keep you posted.

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