Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Transfer and Trades

The majority of my funds from the Ameriprise account has finally made it over to Scottrade, so at last I could begin to implement my plan to "Rescue My IRA" using a covered call strategy for increased yields and capital gains.  Despite my frustrations with how long the transfer took, I actually enjoyed a small benefit from the delay due to rising markets in early October - I calculate the total starting value of the Scottrade account as about $51K, up from a low of around $43K but far below the starting value at Ameriprise of $77K. 

We've got some work to do here.

In an earlier post I mentioned my screen and the stocks that had been identified by it:

AA, COP, CSX, DIS, GE, GLW, MRK, MSFT.  Yesterday I added two more potentials, CMCSA and PKI.  There's pretty good diversity here, especially from within the framework of a portfolio approach and using a trading plan (yet to be completed, but I will share the documentation here when that it done).

Wanting to get the money working for me as soon as possible, I already have established a number of positions:  COP, CSX, DIS, GE, and GLW, plus IP which is a holdover from the early days of the account before I settled on screening criteria (IP doesn't fit, when the options on it expire I will need to evaluate the position).

I will post over the next few days the analysis and expected results for these positions.  However, the account is not fully invested yet, there is approximately $12K remaining - in addition to the cash reserve that I set at 20%.

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